X Factor – Is it fixed?

(left) Aiden Grimshaw (right) Katie Waissel - ITV

On yesterdays live show the nine finalists all mimed their song (isn’t it supposed to be a singing contest?). Take That, JLS and Westlife performed a great show.

But what I really want to talk about are the results. Now, Aiden Grimshaw is an amazing, talented young man. This was the first time that he had ever been in the bottom two. Katie Waissel on the other hand had been in the bottom two countless times and yet, she is still there! Last week Cheryl Cole had two members of her group in the bottom two. She even asked for Dermot to come back to her so that she could bring it to dead lock and they’d have to go to the public vote. But no. Louis saved Katie. At least he saw sense this week! However, Simon Cowell did not. Although, it did go to dead lock.

Katie’s main performance, the performance which the voting was based on, was not up to the standard of Aiden’s. Fair enough, he likes to mould the song into his own. And it’s what he’d have to do if he was a popstar. This is where we begin to think it’s a fix. Aiden’s face gave it away. He knew he was the one who would be going. Katie is a dramatic brat who does not deserve to be in the competition. Neither does Cher for that matter. When they were at Cheryl’s house, Cher didn’t sing and Katie was over-dramatic about the song being ’emotional’.

Yesterdays events have shown that it doesn’t matter how croaky, dramatic or even how rubbish you are in comparison to the other talent, you can still stay in the show.  Such as Wagner who cannot sing. He has potential to be entertaining, but not as a popstar. Maybe as an entertainer at Butlins…but not a singer who is supposed to make #1 hit songs.

Even so, we should know already that something is up with shows like the X Factor. Last year Jedward were in it ’til the end. Even though no one wanted them to win. But they did have the ‘likeability’ factor, which is obviously not the ‘X Factor’. Aiden Grimshaw  had something new to give to the music industry. The only thing Katie Waissel has is her diva style. Which may be the only thing they are really looking for. And if that’s true, I hope someone does something about it sooner rather than later.

Furthermore, it now seems that even if you don’t win the show you can still be signed. Such as, JLS, Jedward, Olly Murs, Diana Vickers, Eoghan Quigg and more. Even if they don’t do well, they’re still signed even though the point of the show is having the one winner. But occasionally, even the winner doesn’t  do well. Such as Joe McElderry who won X Factor last year. He has come back this year to release an album but even so, most people have forgotten him.


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