Christmas – Don’t be a Scrooge

Christmas Tree - Photography by Sophie Ashwood

It’s the season to be jolly but not everyone seems to think so. A lot of my friends don’t care about Christmas. Some of them don’t even care about spending time with family anymore, they’d rather be with their partners or with their friends. But the thing I love about Christmas is the feeling you get from being with your family. And when I say family I mean your Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, Cousins, Mum, Dad, Step-family, Siblings…anyone! Your family can be whoever you really care about. That’s what I believe Christmas to be. Advertising, presents and even the Christmas number one has ruined the meaning of Christmas. If you’re religious it was about celebrating the birth of Christ. Christmas has always been about family and we need to remember that.

Not everyone can enjoy Christmas though and that’s why the charity group Band Aid released their song to raise money for famine relief in Ethiopia. No one makes real Christmas songs anymore. The thought of Christmas has changed.

There’s a lot of poverty and disease in  the world but Christmas is a time to help others and be there for one another. Try and think back to when you were a child and you believed in Santa and the feeling you got on Christmas Eve. I used to always wake up at 5am every year and open up my stocking and then wake up my brother and my parents. They hated me for it but it made it special.

All I’m trying to say is, even though you might not be thrilled about this time of year, think about others. Help other people.

Christmas is about giving. Just remember that.


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