Matt Cardle has won the X Factor 2010

After months of auditions, going to his mentor, Dannii Minogue‘s house, and finally performing throughout the live weeks of the X Factor Matt Cardle has won!

This year showed Britain has many amazingly talented people, young and old, and throughout it all we have seen the journey they have gone through. Matt has always been the bookies favourite and now he has been crowned Britain’s.

Rebecca, Matt and One Direction all would have been fantastic winners and I do believe that this years contestants were the best we have seen to date.  And what I mean by that is, this year we have seen many talented contestants. Usually there are many who are above average but there is always one, such as Leona Lewis, who stands out from every single contestant. This year I actually felt nervous for them as I watched Dermot announce the results as I had no idea who would win.

Matt and Rebecca were both outstanding and I’m sure it must have been a close vote. I have already seen many statuses on Facebook and Tweets on Twitter about how outraged people are, but in all honesty if you don’t like that Matt won, why didn’t you vote more for the contestant you wanted to win? Also, if you don’t like them don’t buy their album. It’s that simple, no one is forcing you to.

I’m sure we have not seen the last of One Direction or Rebecca Ferguson and as Simon and the rest of the judges kept saying this series, Rebecca has the voice of a recording artist so she will most probably be signed as well. We’ve seen it happen before with JLS and even Jedward, so stop complaining and just wait until they come back.


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