White Christmas

Photopgraphy by Sophie Ashwood

Snow, snow and more snow is the forecast for this week. I think the people who have bet on having a White Christmas will be collecting their winnings soon as this snow does not want to go anywhere.

But there are positives to the snow! Yesterday I managed to go out in the snow and did quite a bit of my Christmas shopping. Due to the snow the shops weren’t as busy as they usually are during this festive season. Thankfully I didn’t fall over either!

Although, both my parents have 4x4s so we can get to places quite easily without too much trouble…

Unfortunately, those of you who have ordered presents online might not be seeing them until after Christmas. The Royal Mail have become extremely behind on getting the mail out to the public. Apparently this is the first time in years that they have had this amount of backlog.

Many of you may be snowed in, maybe even stuck in a town which is not home. But don’t feel down! Enjoy the moment, have fun in the snow and just make a snowman. Pass the time and try to make it a positive experience. At the end of the day, it’s the ‘Season to be Jolly’.


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