Aspirational journalist

Journalism has always fascinated me. We come across it everyday whether we’re reading a magazine, news article, blog post or even just watching Top Gear. Journalism covers a variety of topics, and honestly any type of journalism interests me. I’ve always been interested in film and one of the reasons I’m interested in journalism is because of reading film articles. Furthermore, feature writing interests me more than news journalism as it can be in travel. Every year since I can remember I’ve been travelling to different countries, such as Egypt, Turkey, Italy, Australia, America, Ireland, Sweden and many more. In addition to this, when i go on holiday I always visit different restaurants to try the local cuisine and visit the main tourist attractions, or the ones people haven’t heard about until they’ve actually visited the country.

Last year I went to Sicily and actually went on an evening drive up the side of Mount Etna and saw where the volcano had last erupted, we then travelled up to the top of the mountain which was opposite the three volcano craters. The sites were amazing and if I hadn’t gone to Sicily I would not have even known that was possible. This is why travel journalism interests me because you can share your experiences with others and get them to visit amazing places they may never have known about.

Furthermore, journalism has always made me find new interests, especially in music and film. I used to read Kerrang! when I was growing up and it helped me discover new music. Also, reading Total Film and Empire showed what others thought about certain films, but it made me want to watch them and review them myself as all the different views and opinions you see in journalism aren’t always what you might believe.

In addition to this, the thought of news journalism has always put me off becoming a journalist. However, I have always loved the idea of being able to show my own opinion and tell people what is really going on in the world instead of what we have been told to believe. But whenever I thought about doing this, I thought it would be better for me to go into directing or film making, as then you can show your views without being harassed by the media or public. However, last year at university I did quite well in one of the news journalism assignments, although it isn’t something I am interested in at the moment.

For me, feature writing or journalism within music, film or even TV, appeals to me as it’s what I am interested in and I feel as if I would be able to give more to that part of journalism.


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