Social Media Engagement – Self Reflection

Whilst conducting the blog and using twitter to post news reports as well as using it to browse interesting articles I realised how easy twitter, as well as other social networks, are to use in order to gain information on certain events. In addition to this, making a blog and making posts doesn’t feel as if many people will access them or even read them, but a few of the posts I have made have even been liked, shared as well as commented on.

For example, my post about Facebook being used as another way to identify someone when they are trying to enter a nightclub; I had a doorman reply to my post and he thanked me for my opinion. He also gave me more information he had on the event. This social media engagement has shown me how easy it is to provide my own views and opinions and how people want to hear what I have to say.

Additionally, I did find it hard when thinking about what I should post about. But as I am writing for a blog, I could comment on other journalist’s or events that have happened and provide opinion pieces. Furthermore, it gave me a chance to show what I’m interested in and post about certain news stories which I believe should be spoken about in more detail, such as the Madeleine McCann story. I posted my own views as well as those from people I had spoken to, to back up my own opinion.

This social media engagement for the blog as well as for twitter provides a great opportunity for budding journalists to begin getting to grips with what most journalists are using nowadays as the internet is the first source people turn to, whilst at work or whilst travelling as they can access it easily without having to pay for a newspaper or magazine.


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