Pop in a Box Subscription

I don’t know about you, but I’m beginning to be a huge fan of Funko Vinyl Pops, I’ve only collected 4 at the moment with 2 in the post (I really want to complete the horror collection).

Image from popinabox.co.uk
Image from popinabox.co.uk

So, if you love Funko Pops you should definitely check out the Pop in a Box Subscription here.
There are 4 different subscriptions that you can sign up to, such as:

1 POP!   | £8.49 + P&P | Save £0.50
2 POPS! | £16.88 + P&P | Save £1.10
3 POPS! | £25.17 + P&P | Save £1.80
6 POPS! | £49.44 + P&P | Save £4.50


The best part of this subscription box is that you are guaranteed a POP! Vinyl which you don’t already have in your collection. You even get some delicious POP! themed candy as well as a chance to win POP! sets in your subscription box and you can even get exclusive and rare POPS!


There are other subscriptions which give you a pop in every box as well as ones which give you one once in a while, but this box is dedicated to giving you what you want each month, especially to those who love a good POP! Vinyl 😉


So check it out if you’re a fan of collectables, they also make fab gifts to your friends.

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