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The Honest Courtesan

Where there is no imagination there is no horror.  –  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Scary Movies” is the name of my one year ago today column, but it’s about the interaction between porn and escorting; I did do a short piece on vampire sex workers as part of October Miscellanea, but since I really love horror movies, I think we’re long overdue for a discussion of them.  Before we start I should mention that slasher flicks aren’t horror; yes, I know that video stores stock them with horror and movie companies often stamp “horror” on the boxes, but that’s about as valid an argument as “the sex offender registry is not a criminal penalty because it is housed in an administrative agency, not in a court office or in an agency charged with carrying out punishment.”  Slashers are actually more closely related to porn than horror…

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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 Review

According to the BBC, ‘The Hunger Games topped the North American box office for a second week in a row over the Thanksgiving weekend. The latest instalment in the series … Continue reading The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 Review


Cockneys vs Zombies finally has a release date!

Last year in April I was an extra in Cockneys vs Zombies and after being told it was going to be released on Feb 14th 2012, (but it wasn’t finished), it has now finally been given a release date, 31st August.

After waiting and waiting the film is finally coming out. It was a fantastic experience to be on a film set, even in the cold at 6am. But the best bit was scaring the locals whilst we walked down the road, in a massive group of bloody zombies.

Once the trailer is released I shall post it on my blog, but for now all I can do is carry on waiting. I would write a synopsis, but from what I just read on empire, it’s slightly different to what I was told when I was in the film.

So I’ll add that later as well.

Only thing is, when the film comes out I won’t be seen ’til the end of the film, although with my bright red hair, I’m not hard to spot.



Express yourself

I’ve always been slightly unsure of what I want to do as a career. After studying the News & Journalism unit, as well as Fact & Fiction, during my last year at Bournemouth University I’ve realised that Journalism is a great career choice.

As I’ve said before, there are many different types of journalism, but I’ve always been interested in films. Films, especially horror, fascinate me. I’ve loved horror films since I was a child and I hope to go into that industry in the near future.

Empire Magazine intrigues me because they show more opinionated pieces as well as reviews about films and that’s what I love reading about. Furthermore, being able to access news stories online is great because you may not always want to go out and buy the publication, such as a newspaper or magazine.

Although, unlike most people, I don’t like to rely on the opinions I receive from the publications. Such as a review on Empire may slate a film, but it makes me want to go and see it and provide my own review. That’s what journalism makes me want to do; show what I think about the films, as every opinion matters.

Especially with horror films as they are usually seen as a waste of time or apparently have no real plot. But in my eyes, horror films are more interesting than romantic comedies or action films as they show ideologies and represent the contemporary events happening in society at that time.

For the past five years I have always thought about doing this myself, expressing my opinions about what I think and feel about certain events, and that’s why I always thought about going into directing or screen-writing for films as they are a great way to express your own opinions, even in a subconcious way as Stuart Hall stated in 1973 about how producers embed messages for the audience to read and decipher for themselves.

I think Empire Magazine and Total Film are great because they also allow others to comment and give their own reviews and ratings. They give the readers a voice and a way to express themselves which is great. Film journalism doesn’t need to be exaggerated, it just needs to be truthful which is an amazing way to show your own opinion.


Breaking Dawn – Part II, The finale is nearly here

Empire Magazine have released images from the finale of the Twilight Saga. We finally get to see Bella after she has transformed into a vampire, and in all honesty I cannot wait.

I’ve read all the books and in my opinion Breaking Dawn is possibly the best. The book has more action and drama in than the previous three books and to see it adapted into a film is going to be fantastic!

Breaking Dawn Part II will wrap up the story about Bella, Edward and Jacob as well as the Cullen’s and the rest of their family. In addition to this, it will show the Cullen’s rounding up their vampire friends in order to protect Bella and Edward’s child, Renesmee, from the Volturi as they have been wrongly informed that she is an ‘immortal child’ (a child turned into a vampire), which happened before and resulted in catastrophic events.

Empire Magazine states that director Bill Condon is still putting the pieces of the puzzle together and wrapping up the film. He said, “A film is a lot like a puzzle, with each piece – each shot, no matter how brief – needing to fit exactly with the ones around it. Our Part 2 puzzle is finally coming into full view, and in a few weeks we’ll be heading back north to pick up some additional shots – the last tiny missing pieces. We’re not shooting any new scenes or dialogue, just some technical work with some of our cast and stunt actors.”

Breaking Dawn is hitting cinemas in November this year!

Here’s the trailer:


Burtepp is back

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp have collaborated in around nine films in the past two decades. The pair work fantastically together and the results of their collaborations always received great reviews.

The next of their collaborations that we are yet to see is the upcoming Dark Shadows, set to be released on Friday 11th May, which is based on the gothic-horror TV series, Dark Shadows which aired during 1966–1971.

Dark Shadows, directed by Tim Burton features, of course, the talented and beautiful Helena Bonham Carter, as well as Michelle Pfeiffer, Eva Green and Chloë Grace Moretz. Moretz is also said to be starring in the remake of 1976’s Carrie which will be released next year in March.

But back to Dark Shadows, Johnny Depp stars as Barnabas Collins,  a 200-year-old vampire, and Michelle Pfeiffer as his cousin Elizabeth Collins Stoddard, a reclusive matriarch of the Collins family.

At the beginning Barnabas breaks the heart of a witch, Angelique Bouchard, who turns him into a vampire and buries him alive during the 18th century. In 1972, Barnabas is accidentally freed from his coffin and returns to find his once-magnificent mansion in ruin.

The manor is currently occupied by Barnabas’ dysfunctional descendants (Pfeiffer, Carter Moretz), all of whom are hiding dark and horrifying secrets.

The film looks like a classic Burton masterpiece and I cannot wait to go and see it.

Check out the trailer here:



Timeline: key events in Tim Burton’s history

Tim Burton

1976Tim Burton attended the California Institute of the Arts. In his second year he joined the Disney animation programme

1979 – Burton joins the Disney animation ranks at Walt Disney Productions’ animation studio

1981 – Burton worked as a concept artist on  The Fox and the Hound

1982 – Whilst still at Disney Burton made his first short, Vincent – a six minute black and white stop motion film based on a poem written by Burton himself

1985Pee Wee’s Big Adventure was released

1988 –  Beetlejuice, a black comedy about a couple having to deal with life after death,  was released. The film grossed $80 million on a relatively low budget and won a Best Makeup Design Oscar

1989 – Burton directs Batman casting Michael Keaton as Batman and Jack Nicholson as The Joker. The film grossed $250 million in the U.S. alone and $400 million worldwide

1990 – Tim Burton co-wrote and directed Edward Scissorhands casting ’80s teen icon, Johnny Depp, as the lead

1992 – Burton marries Lena Gieseke

1992 Batman Returns directed by Tim Burton only after he told Warner Brothers that he wanted total control of the film

1993 – Burton wrote and produced but did not direct, The Nightmare before Christmas, due to working on Batman Returns

1994 – Burton and Depp reunite for Ed Wood. Directed by Tim Burton with Johnny Depp as the lead character. A film-maker said to be “the worst director of all time”

1994 – Burton was told Batman Returns was too dark for children. Therefore Burton only co-produced Batman Forever, the third film of the franchise

1996 – Tim Burton produced James and the Giant Peach with Henry Selick directing as they did in The Nightmare before Christmas

1996Mars Attacks! directed by Tim Burton and based on the cult trading card series of the same name.

1999 – Depp and Burton return with Sleepy Hollow, accompanied by Danny Elfman, who created a magnificent score for the supernatural film

2001 – A turn in Burton’s films as Planet of the Apes was released grossing $68 million in its opening weekend

2001 – Burton and Helena Bonham Carter begin seeing each other

2003 – Burton directed Big Fish, based on the novel Big Fish: A Novel of Mythic Proportions by Daniel Wallace

2003 – October 4th –  Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton’s son, Billy Burton, was born

2005 – Burton’s version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was released and once again, Johnny Depp is cast as the lead, Willy Wonka

2005 – Tim Burton’s first directed full length stop-motion film, The Corpse Bride,was released. Featuring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter as the lead voices

2007Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street won Burton the National Board of Review Award for best director and a Golden Globe for best director. Also he won Academy Award for Best Achievement in Art Direction. Sweeney Todd showed us another collaboration with Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter as Sweeney Todd and Miss Lovett

2007 – 15th December –  Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton’s daughter, Nell Burton, was born

2010Alice in Wonderland – Tim Burton’s version shows the story to be set 13 years after the original when Alice is 19 years old. Another film which sees Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter cast as the Mad Hatter and the Red Queen