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Is technology ruining our social life? – Opinion Piece

I read an article the other day in The Sunday Mirror’s magazine, Notebook, where was discussing his views on how we are so caught up with technology and find … Continue reading Is technology ruining our social life? – Opinion Piece


Comedic legend Robin Williams dies at 63

I honestly couldn’t believe it last night when I heard that Robin Williams, one of the greatest comedians/actors had committed suicide. He was a huge part of my childhood, and … Continue reading Comedic legend Robin Williams dies at 63


If I could escape…

Times like  these is when I wish I had a job, a job which paid well so I could escape somewhere warm and beautiful. It’s coming into spring and the only weather we’ve had recently has been rain or snow. The sun pops out once every two weeks, but I need more Vitamin D in my life.

Places that come to mind when I think about escaping are Rome, Tahiti, Canary islands or a Greek Island I haven’t yet been to. Anything like that would be amazing to get me out of this funk. And now I can hear thunder, which does make the rain a little bit more interesting, but not as good as sipping a Piña Colada on a beach somewhere…

Pinterest doesn’t help matters when you feel like you want to escape somewhere, the amount of images I see every day of a beautiful, scenic, hidden or mysterious lake, sea, cave or forest, it’s unbelievable. But at the same time it makes you want to go out there and explore this wonderful world we live in!

Here are a few of the images I’ve repinned:

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A lot of these images don’t even look real, but they are alluring! I’d love to go and see all of them in person. Especially the Tunnel of Love in Klevin, Ukraine as I keep seeing the image everywhere over the internet:



I just need to win the lottery…or invest in something which will give me all the money I need to travel so I can escape dreary England…I can wish, right?


Madeleine McCann stories continue

BBC News

After five years Madeleine Mccann’s story is still being updated on the news. After watching the ITV news, Kate and Gerry McCann stated that they feel confident and more positive that they will find their daughter. She was four when she went missing from the family’s holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve, whilst Kate and Gerry dined with friends nearby.

Whenever I hear about this story, I just want to know why her story is more important than other missing children in the world. In addition to this, there are mixed views on the truth of their story. In the past her parents have even been accused of killing her themselves.

Martin Stevens stated that, “Why were the other children left behind and Madeleine taken from the hotel room? Plus, they were allegedly slightly drugged so that they would be sleepy and go to bed so the parents could go out. The story just seems a bit fishy.”

The Madeleine McCann story, in my opinion, seems as if it hasn’t been investigated into properly, and in addition to this, it appears as if the story is just to make money, as Newspapers know that a story about this child will sell. Especially as it has been five years since she went missing, as if they are seeing it as an ‘anniversary’ which needs to be exploited.


What has happened to horror?

Every time there is a new horror film out every horror fan wants to see it. “A new horror? Fantastic!”

Until you actually go to the cinema and then realise, “wow, what a load of crap”. Horror films nowadays are just made for the gore factor. The horror genre has been around for over a century now so we all know the conventions. They’re even being told to us in films such as Scream. This is why it’s so hard to find an actual scary film anymore. They’re all jumpy or gory but nothing ever scares anyone. Well, when I say anyone I am excusing the percentage of people who scream when the eerie music starts or a door opens by itself. That percentage know absolutely nothing about horror and honestly, I hope it stays that way otherwise there would be no action or blood seen in a film again.

You may be wondering what my point is in this post. To be honest, I’m just putting out the question and trying to get you to think. Classic horrors such as Nosferatu used shadows and music to scare the audience. It was the element of imagination which made people feel terrified. Nowadays it’s only the gore that is used which is purely there to disgust the viewer, not scare them.

Horror has lost it’s uniqueness and one day I hope I can bring it back.

I love the adrenaline you can get from being scared but knowing afterwards that everything is fine and ‘it’s only a film’. Horror films make the perfect escapism. They have the music, the mise-en-scene and just the reputation for being completely different to reality.

The only thing I hate is when films such as Paranormal Activity are released and there’s a huge hype about how ‘terrifying it is’ or how ‘rubbish it is and it’s a waste of money’. Please, just stop! I do not care what the majority vote is about a certain film. If I want to see it I shall.
When I did watch Paranormal Activity it made me jump. It did scare me. It was the first film to have done that in years. Some of my friends couldn’t even sleep afterwards. You might be thinking I’m just talking rubbish right now but this is all true and it’s because we allow ourselves to be involved in the film. We allow it to draw us in. Other people are so intent on rejecting anything they don’t believe in, anything that might pull them away from their beliefs or just their routine, that they just push away anything else. That’s what I believe anyway.

Horror films should be about the scare not about how disgusting the film is. Hostel and Saw are perfect examples of this. They are made purely for the gore factor and yes, times change and things evolve but we mustn’t forget what the purpose is of a horror film. I don’t want horrors to turn into a generic genre. Yes, most genres are now evolving and there are hybrid genres being created but horror is something which needs to be remembered. The element of the scare is crucial and people are forgetting that it’s important.

I’ve heard so many things about how horrors do not even need a good storyline. Apparently, if the film has enough blood and guts the audience won’t care. Really? Is this what it has come to? Because I don’t want to carry on being a horror fanatic if that’s what has become of horrors.

Bring me a horror film which is scary and not just made for the money and isn’t over the top with blood and we shall see. Horror might return to the greatness it once was instead of being the conventional rubbish it has become.