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Haven’t you heard? Fallen Angels are the new obsession

Fallen and Torment front covers - Lauren Kate

Fallen Angels are slowly becoming the new ‘in’ thing within the media industry. Last year we saw Legion, a film about a Fallen Angel who had come to Earth to let a baby be born and stop the world ending. Then books such as Fallen and hush, hush came onto the scene. I have read Lauren Kate‘s Fallen and her recently published Torment, the second in the series. Honestly, they are as good as the Twilight Saga. Without the ‘glittery’ Vampires of course. Lauren Kate’s books are about forbidden love between an Angel who has fallen from heaven as he fell in love with a mortal girl. He is cursed to see her reincarnated and turn to dust whenever they fall in love and kiss. The books bring intense romance, thrilling action and confused, lusting feelings of teenage love. Lauren Kate has started something amazing with these two books and I hope there will be a long series to follow.